Why Solar Panels Are A Great Alternative Energy Source And How They Work

You may be on the verge of embracing solar energy but would like to know its mode of mechanism and why you should really consider it.

How they work

A solar electric panel usually has a silicon wafer and it happens to be a critical part because in its crystal form, it is a semiconductor. Semiconductors do not really conduct electricity fully but only do it partially. So when this semiconductor is treated with special chemicals, they gain a positive or negative charge, which makes them very useful for creating electric currents. Solar cells are small units within the solar panel and they are actually two very thin layers of treated silicon wafer. One usually has a positive charge and the other a negative charge and this basically creates an electric field near the top of the cell where they meet.

When the electric field is hit by photons of sunlight, the silicon layer that is negatively charged absorbs them and releases negative electrons. These are then attracted towards the positive charged silicon layer and when connected to an external load, it causes electricity to flow.

As an alternative energy source

Solar energy rocks and this is because you save money while also contributing to making the planet safe. Solar panels also return more energy than what was used in manufacturing and distribution and in addition to that, they are known to consume less water than oil, coal or nuclear. They are also reliable because there are no maintenance costs and breakdowns. You also get warranties and guarantees so opt for it today and you will be glad that you did!