Jack Ma States Alibaba Could Be Fifth Large Economy in the Michigan Conference

Alibaba’s executive chairman Jack Ma knows the secret of creating a brand larger than anything.

This genius man is never short of brilliant ideas. He chose Detroit, Michigan over Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles to host its most awaited and biggest conference ever in the U.S. this week. Well, it was Gateway ’17, which aimed at updating and teaching budding entrepreneurs, small businesses and farmers about the Chinese economy. In addition to this, about how they can grow their businesses by selling on Alibaba’s platforms. This conference was all about discussing the future plans of the Alibaba, and how it will be capturing 40% of China Market and rest will be the overseas market.   

Throughout the conference, he made various remarkable quotes. His quote made on Tuesday reflects the strong mindset and sky aimed goals for his brand Alibaba. One standout was Ma was – Alibaba will sell so much stuff by the year 2035, it will generate the equivalent in GDP to be the fifth largest economy. And, Ma even said he was preparing for retirement.

China’s richest man talked about this vision where the company he founded could become the world’s fifth biggest economy by 2036, trailing only the US, China, Europe and Japan. Last year, Alibaba’s $23.5 billion accrued in revenue. In Ma’s own words, the Chinese ecommerce giant is still just “a baby.” He is a man with a great vision with a strong touch of reality.

Most of the time people think, it is too big, but he shuts down all with his powerful words – “Its costs nothing to image, right?”