Avoiding Burnout and Minimizing Stress in the Construction Industry

Everybody faces stress in their line of work, but construction workers have to deal with it to inordinate degree compared to many other professionals. They are under significant pressure to meet project deadlines and face many safety risks if they aren’t careful. According to research from the Chartered Industry of Building (CIOB), 84% of construction employees felt that stress was a leading cause of poor retention levels. If you are starting a career in the industry, you should take the necessary steps to keep your stress in check.

Make Safety a Top Priority

Safety risks are the biggest stressor that most construction workers face. Workers that are worried about the problems they face on the job may suffer from sleeping problems and anxiety attacks, which can increase their risk of having an accident. Even if you avoid an accident, the stress of dealing with potential safety risks can cause long-term health problems.

You will need to take all necessary steps to protect yourself to minimize injury risks. Here are some steps you will need to take:

  • Speak openly with your foreman about any safety concerns
  • Always carry tools by their base
  • Avoid being on a scaffold if more than three people are already using it
  • Protect your eyes and ears at all times
  • Get medical attention for any health problems that could disrupt your balance

Self-awareness is the single most important trait to both reduce the risk of injury and alleviate stress. You can significantly reduce your risk of injury if you take these measures.

Get Support from Your Colleagues and Supervisor

Trade unions often try to encourage people to seek them out if they are suffering from excessive stress. Companies sometimes refer their employees to therapists to deal with stress problems. While this can be a good outlet for some people, most workers find that speaking with their own coworkers and supervisors are better options.

The CIOB report found that the best coping strategy for people in the construction industry was receiving support from their colleagues. Their surveys found that 81% of people reported their coworkers helped significantly reduce their stress levels. Many other people found that addressing problems with their supervisor was also helpful.

The important thing is to make sure that you have a support system that you can rely. Make sure that you find someone in your team that you can trust. You can always look to MCA for more guidance on the issue.